U.S. Pony Racing- 2020 Aiken Trials

There were 5 pony races at the 2020 Aiken Trials. Each pony race was packed with competitors. There were no mishaps to report. Ponies and riders showed their good riding and running abilities on the flat track.

From the begining Lead Line Race to the last Young Rider Flat Race, children and their equine partners had a ball. Pictured below is the winner of the U.S. Pony Racing Race 5 – Young Rider Flat Race.

The U.S. Pony Racing LLC states: “Pony and junior horse riders are to not have had their 16th birthday as of January lst. Young riders are defined by race conditions but typically between 15 and 21 years of age, check each race condition for specifics.” For more information check out www.GoPonyRacing.com. Follow U.S. Pony Racing on Facebook and Instagram.

aiken trials pony race