Aiken Trials –  Saturday, March 15, 2025



The Aiken Training Track welcomes owners and trainers, who seek winning facilities to educate yearlings, rest older horses, or bring a horse back to the sport of racing. The famous training track has a long history of producing Champions. In 2019, horses who trained at the Aiken Training Track earned over $8 million dollars in races around the country. Join the current owners and trainers in the winner’s circle, when your horses train in Aiken.

The Impact of Weather in Aiken, SC

Horsemen know the impact of weather on producing winners. Aiken, SC provides spectacular winter weather with cold mornings and warm afternoons. Trainers see their horses thriving at the Aiken Training Track as the winter training season progresses. The horses grow stronger and more fit and confident as the months unfold.

Facilities at the Aiken Training Track

You can train on our mile track or on our 5/8th mile track. The Start Gate is available to you daily. Barns and Paddocks are available. Ventilation in our barns is excellent. Dirt roads all around the racetrack property encourage exercise riding, your horses will never put a hoof on pavement. Leading farriers and vets are on call. Horses build that winning confidence at the Aiken Training Track. “Train Here, Win Anywhere” is our promise to you.